The Hunt For Sports

by Easton S, Grade 3/4

Easton reporting here. I am going to tell you about sports around the school. First is Manhunt. Manhunt is located on the wall where you walk out. Manhunt has about 20 people and is played by grades 1-6. Next is soccer. Soccer is located when you walk out the door to your right. It includes 20 people and is grades 6-8. 

Soccer game number 2. This soccer game is located on top of the hill and has about 30 people and is grades 7-8, and now we move on to football. Football is located in between the Baseball diamond and the Basketball court. It has about 8-10 people and is for Grade 3-4! Whenever you want to join you should be able to go and have some fun.

Pledging to GCCS

Donation pledges represent the generous commitment of donors to contribute a specified amount of money to an organization over a predetermined period. These pledges can take the form of conditional donations, where payment is contingent upon the fulfillment of certain conditions, or unconditional donations, which are given without any specific requirements or stipulations.