ESL: English as a Second Languge

One-on-one and classroom support 


Supporting Our Community

At GCCS we have international students who are English Language Learners (ELLs) and require support to learn English and/or improve their English reading, writing and oral communication skills. 

Upon first arrival at the school, the English language skills of the international students are assessed in order to determine the level of support and curriculum modifications they will need to experience success in their Canadian educational journey. 

One-on-one and classroom support is provided by an Ontario-qualified teacher with Specialist qualifications in ESL.

Moms' ESL

A number of international families make up a part of the GCCS community. Being so far from home can be lonely and isolating, especially if the parents have limited English language skills. This is the inspiration behind the Parents’ ESL class, a one-hour complimentary class offered to the parents of international students at the school. This class aims to teach basic English skills, especially conversational skills, as well as to provide parents with a forum to talk about culture and to get to know other Canadian parents in a small group setting.

Conversational Partners

At GCCS we believe that community is integral to our school culture and we desire to help our international parents feel welcome and enfolded into our community, whether they stay for one year or multiple years. To this end, as an offshoot of the Parents’ ESL class, efforts are made to match up international parents with Canadian parents with students in the same class. Regular opportunities are provided for these pairs to gather together for games, cooking, outdoor activities or group conversation in order to build relationships.

Pledging to GCCS

Donation pledges represent the generous commitment of donors to contribute a specified amount of money to an organization over a predetermined period. These pledges can take the form of conditional donations, where payment is contingent upon the fulfillment of certain conditions, or unconditional donations, which are given without any specific requirements or stipulations.