About GCCS

Providing an environment where students are known and nurtured.

GCCS: Nurture. Educate. Inspire.

Founded in 1962, Guelph Community Christian School is an independent elementary school from JK-8 committed to providing educational quality while integrating our Christian beliefs and values into the educational process. Located in heart of Guelph, GCCS is known for its academic excellence, Christian commitment, a strong and caring community, and a rich heritage of alumni. 

Our dedicated teachers provide an environment where students are known and nurtured as they explore and develop their full potential. 

Our students move on from GCCS in Grade 8 with strong academics, meaningful school experiences and a deep understanding of faith and serving their community. We aim to equip our students with the tools they will need to be successful disciples of Christ at their next level of education and in life. 

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