Our Grounds

We are so thankful for the outside space we get to share

Outside Play

Our school’s grounds of 12 acres encompasses a diverse and vibrant space that cultivates both learning and play. At the heart of our campus lies a lively playground, where children can engage in imaginative play, climb on the colourful structures, and develop their motor skills. Surrounding the playground, our new ‘Legacy’ outdoor classroom provides a unique learning environment, encouraging students to explore nature, conduct experiments, and deepen their understanding of the world around them. The specially designed kindergarten area offers a safe and nurturing space for our youngest learners to embark on their educational journey, sparking creativity and a love for learning. 

For sports enthusiasts, our well-maintained baseball diamond is a hub of activity, where friendly matches and school events bring the community together. During the winter months, our baseball diamond transforms into a delightful ice rink, providing a joyful winter activity for the children to enjoy, created by dedicated parent volunteers. With carefully curated large open green spaces, garden beds, and walking trails, our school’s grounds truly embody a harmonious blend of education and recreation, creating an inspiring, safe and welcoming environment for all.

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