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Grades 1 - 8

Arts Programs

In Genesis 1 we see the infinite imagination of The Trinity. From the order and laws that allow our world to function, to the variety and the endless forms of life. On the sixth day we were formed in the image of God, our Creator. Each of us, to varying degrees and according to gifts we have been given, reflect the creative nature of God.

The arts allow students and teachers to explore the creativity inherently found in each one of us. For example: the miracle of our individuality is glimpsed through sketching Portraits or Contour Drawing, which forces the artist to slow down and focus on the immense detail that can be found in something as common as a hand. With Gesture Drawing the wonder of our entire bodies' ability to flex, contort and bend to achieve complex motions like swinging a baseball bat or kicking a soccer ball comes into focus. Drama allows students to step outside of the way they normally see the world and create a new point of view.

Just as a child peering through a keyhole into a room will never be able to see the whole room at once, we cannot see all of God's character using one artistic style or method. Different media and different methods give a different view of the Creator, just as Science, History or Math do. Students will attempt a variety of artistic styles using a variety of mediums. It is also about taking the time to observe oneself, those nearby, and nature, then making the effort to express what is observed through the tiny keyhole of our senses.

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