Visual Arts

At the core of our teaching: to nurture, educate and inspire 

Creative Activities at GCCS

The process of drawing, painting or constructing is a complex one in which the child brings together diverse elements of his experience to make a new and meaningful whole. In the process….he has given us more than a picture or a sculpture; he has given us a part of himself: How he thinks, how he feels and how he sees…. Creative activities become more meaningful only when the dynamic interdependence among growth, development, and creation is understood.


Different media and different methods give a different view of the Creator, just as Science, History or Math do. Students will attempt a variety of artistic styles using a variety of mediums. It is also about taking the time to observe oneself, those nearby, and nature, then making the effort to express what is observed through the tiny keyhole of our senses.

Pledging to GCCS

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