Corporate Sponsorship

There are many reasons why parents are choosing Christian schools

Giving to GCCS

About Corporate Sponsorship

The Corporate Sponsorship Program offers regional businesses a variety of flexible options for profiling their products, services and branding to the GCCS community. Recognition is provided through signage at key events, publications in various print materials, and online web, e-marketing and social media platforms.

The sponsorship cycle runs for 12 months from date of sign up so that each sponsor receives full coverage and equalized profile to the GCCS community. The program is not intended for quid pro quo situations and does not apply to revenue share models in place of advertising cash support. The recognition associated with the program is tied to a company’s advertising budget and is not considered a donation for tax purposes.

Please fill out the form to the right to receive a PDF document that fully outlines our Corporate Sponsorship program.

Pledging to GCCS

Donation pledges represent the generous commitment of donors to contribute a specified amount of money to an organization over a predetermined period. These pledges can take the form of conditional donations, where payment is contingent upon the fulfillment of certain conditions, or unconditional donations, which are given without any specific requirements or stipulations.