YRC Creative

Autumn Leaves – A Poem

– Jessie, Gr 6

As the leaves float to land at my feet,
As I watch the tunnel of trees over my path turn from green to yellow,
Green to red or orange or even pink.
As I let my breath be taken away from me,
Not knowing when it will come back again,
As I look at the Autumn colours that are right at my doorstep.
As my mind wanders to think of the leaves like a rainbow,
As I think of each leaf being painted with the softest brush,
Even though we don’t see them all.
They are like early snowflakes,
Each one different from the one next to it,
Like nature’s fingerprints.
As I gaze at clear blue sky,
And inhale the crisp, clean air,
I think,
“If these are the beautiful things we can see,
What are there we can’t?
The Lord created many things that are hidden from our view.”
Thankfully, everyone can see autumn leaves,
If they only take the chance to look up,
They will see a piece of God’s perfect masterpiece.

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