Girls Volleyball

Kiara, Gr 7

Want to know about girls volleyball? Well this is the place for you!

This year 11 girls from Grade 7 and 8 were picked to participate on the Guelph Community Christian School Eagles team. These girls are: Bentley, Sydney, Lydia, Kiarah, Abby I., Paige O., Ruby, Isa, Mieke, Maëlle, and Luisa. These girls worked hard to make it on the team and put in all their effort for our school’s volleyball team. They wake up very early to go to practice and stay at school late to improve their skills in the gym.

On November 7, the girls went to a volleyball clinic at Woodland Christian High School. At the clinic, the high school students helped the girls volleyball team improve their skills even more. Also, at the clinic, the girls played volleyball against other schools.

On November 28, the girls will be playing in a tournament at Trinity Christian School in Burlington. They will face other Christian schools to win! Watch this space for our report on this tournament! 


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