Stars in the Sky – A Poem

Jessie Gr 6

The stars spread out like a blanket for the Earth,
covering it in a safe layer of twinkling lights.
The stars are a path,
Leading from the heavens to the earth,
a doorway that God will soon walk through.
They are like fireflies;
there one minute,
and the next next, you cannot find the same one.
Stars are infinite
They outnumber the billions of people crowding the world,
or grains of sand that layer the ground.
Stars are tiny, and harmless to the naked eye,
but the closer you get, the more powerful they are.
Like Jesus, who came as a baby,
but as He grew from His youth,
He was the most powerful being,
and still is.
Stars are part of a perfect creation
Although we will never learn all of their mysteries.


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