Terry Fox Day

Today our school took time to remember Terry Fox, a man who Canada remembers at this time every year. Everyone, teachers and students, walked around the entire school grounds. Students walked with their reading buddies (the younger students they read to, with the older students who read to them), together with their classmates, around the school property. In the process older reading buddies got to know more about the student they were reading with, while remembering Terry Fox and the selfless run he did for children with cancer.

Before the walk, the whole school learnt about Terry Fox in chapel. Mrs. Wood, our school’s music teacher, (teaching students music from Kindergarten to Grade 6 and form teacher to Grade 7W) showed a video and spoke about Terry Fox’s story. Even though Terry Fox’s story is a bit sad, it still gives our school and the world hope that maybe with selfless people like Terry Fox, we can change the world.

Student article written by Jessie, Grade 6

Pledging to GCCS

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