Dress Up Day

Hi! I’m Ava, and I would like to talk to you about Dress up Day!
What’s Dress up Day you ask?
Dress up Day is a day where the whole school has the privilege to, you guessed it, dress up!
When was it you asked? It was November 15th Wednesday 2023.
Where was it? It was at no other place than GCCS! We had so much fun!
Who wore which costumes? Well, let’s ask some folks.       

“I dressed up as Ms.DeMoor” Abi [Gr.4]
“I dressed up as a cactus” Ellie [Gr.8]
“I dressed up as a snowman” Abi [Gr.7]
“I was a babybel” Caris [Gr.4]
“I was a duck” Theo [Gr. 3/4]
“I was Captain America” Abram [Gr. 3/4]

Does that answer your question?

Why did it happen? Student council. Student council wanted to bring some extra joy to the school. 

Thank you very much everyone! I enjoyed telling you about dress up day! Oh, and one more thing, I  thought it was great!  I dressed up as a squishy mellow!  That’s all for now. Bye!  —Ava   

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