Principal’s Ponderings

This past Thursday the teachers and I attended the Edvance Educators Annual Gathering at Redeemer University College in Ancaster. The event was attended by more than 1,000 educators from over 70 Christian Schools from across the province. It featured times of worship and keynote addresses, and wonderful opportunities to learn from and to connect with other Christian educators. Sitting in the auditorium for opening devotions with all those other Christian educators again made me realize that I am not alone and GCCS is not alone. We are a part of a larger community with a higher purpose. Through conversations with fellow educators I once again saw that the challenges we are facing as a school are some of the very same challenges that many Christian Schools in Ontario are facing. So, too, are the joys and the opportunities to serve like many other schools. It is affirming to see that God continues to call and equip so many Christians to take on the vital task of educating students in His schools. It is equally affirming to see that despite the challenges schools are facing, God continues to bless them and their supporting communities through them. Please join me in continuing to pray for the Christian Schools around the province and for our school as we occupy this little spot of God’s kingdom.

Justin DeMoor

Pledging to GCCS

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