Principal’s Ponderings – Remembrance Day

This Friday morning we were led in our Remembrance Day Chapel by our Grade 7 class as they began it with a beautiful song on the tone chimes and also presented John McCrae’s famous poem, “In Flanders Fields”. Our chapel time was a wonderful opportunity to reflect together on the sacrifices of so many people so that we can live with such freedom. A significant time of
reflection happened as we listened to band teacher, Louis Patrick play “The Last Post” and “Reveille” on his trumpet, and while we observed moments of silence between those two songs.

Every year I find that like Thanksgiving reminds me of how much I take for granted the rest of the year, Remembrance Day reminds me of the incredible blessing it is to live in Canada. Of course, the reason why I consider it a blessing to live in Canada is down largely to the sacrifices of men and women who put their lives in danger to protect the freedoms which I so often take
for granted. Canada wouldn’t be the place it is without those sacrifices made by others and can only be a place of peace if we all make sacrifices large and small. Much like it is easy to live without gratitude and perpetually wanting more, it is also easy to be cynical about our country and those who lead it and to focus only on our own rights and freedoms often at the expense of
thinking of others. Remembrance Day does not just remind me of the sacrifices of others but also reminds me that I must make sacrifices so that all people in Canada and around the world can live in peace. While this can certainly seem daunting, I believe that seeking to live out the words in Micah 6:8 is a good place to start.

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