Principal’s Ponderings – Easter

For many Christians around the world this week is called Holy Week. During the week we try to block out all the mixed messages and trappings of this busy world to focus on Jesus and what he did on the cross. It is a week during which we may feel broken and shaken by our failings and sin that made Jesus’ sacrifice necessary. But the week ends on Sunday with joy as we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and his victory over sin and death. We still live in a world where there is sin and death and yet we live in the hope and knowledge that through Jesus we have life. This week is also a significant time to look back at the entirety of the life and ministry of Jesus. Easter is a time when we certainly see the truth of John 3:16 but it is also an opportunity to see the truth of John 3:17. This verse is not nearly as well known as the verse that precedes it, but I believe it is vitally important to understanding Jesus’ life, ministry, and even his death and resurrection. John 3:17 tells us that Jesus was sent by God to not judge or condemn but to help and save. This despite the fact that he had every right to judge and condemn- in response to John 8:7 (“If anyone of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone.”) Jesus came in love to bring peace and to offer us the gift of salvation. What amazing love! I hope you will take time to marvel at that love, being confident that because of it we have a new life- something we could never have earned by our own strength or merit!

Pledging to GCCS

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