Grade 2 Chapel: In Flanders Field and Beyond

Grade 2’s Stirring Remembrance Day Chapel Performance

In honour of Remembrance Day, Grade 2 students, under Mrs. Klassen’s guidance, delivered a poignant chapel performance. It opened with a stirring rendition of John McCrae’s “In Flanders Fields,” the addition of dramatic actions breathed life into the verses, creating a connection that transcended words alone. The central question, “What would our world be like if there was peace?” invited reflection on a harmonious world, emphasizing the sincerity of the young hearts behind it.

They transitioned beautifully into Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,”, singing and signing, offering a multi-sensory experience that resonated with everyone present. Mrs. Klassen’s dedication to infusing creativity and impact into the performance resulted in a captivating tribute to those who sacrificed for peace.

The Grade 2 students’ performance, a testament to the power of young voices, leaves an indelible mark on our community. Thank you Mrs. Klassen for your commitment to fostering artistic expression and deep understanding of themes like remembrance and peace.Congratulations to the students for a profoundly impactful and memorable showcase of unity, understanding, and hope.

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