Grade 3/4 Chapel Performance – YRC Report

The Grade 3/4 chapel performance happened on October 13th. The theme of our chapel was based on the book ‘Thanksgiving At The Tappletons’ by Eileen Spinelli which is about a family who had a Thanksiving that was messed up. And it is a comedy. This is what some of the actors said about their performance:

“I liked that everyone was on time.’ – Ryan
 “ I liked when Denny got hit in the head with mashed potatoes’ – Tyler 

Now these are things people who watched our performance said: 

“I liked that the jokes were well timed” – Romario Gr8
“I liked how they were able to sync the characters voices, and the atmosphere as well’ – Jessie (Gr 6)
“I liked the thing Theo did’ – Abram (Theo played Grandad and his funny line was “I’m as hungry as 5 elephants”)

Thank you for reading. – By Liam Bowden 

Pledging to GCCS

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