Fun on Fall Fun Day – YRC Report

On October 6th our school enjoyed Fall Fun Day. It is a fun way for students to get to know other students in different grades. This event was hosted on our school property and organised by our Student Council. Fall Fun Day is an afternoon where we play games. Our school divides into 12 colour teams, made up of students from Grade 1 – 8, to battle for the best total score. There were 7 games which included Pumpkin Bowling, Toss the Chicken, Cone Hops and Capture the Sacs. At the end we had a celebration with freezies. Everyone had fun!

We spoke to some of the teams after the event to find out what they enjoyed the most during the afternoon: The Orange team’s favourite event was the snacks! The Yellow team’s favourite event was also the snacks. The Light Blues favourite event was Toss the Chicken and the Purple team loved Pumpkin Bowling. 

By Nora and Annaline, Gr 4

Pledging to GCCS

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