Cross Country District Meet – YRC Report

We had a great day in Cambridge for Guelph District Christian Schools’ Cross Country Meet on Thursday 5th October! We couldn’t have asked for better weather (especially considering how hot it was earlier this week!) Our students did a great job in so many ways. The runners kept positive attitudes even when it got hard, they encouraged one another to keep going, and we even had one student who stopped to help someone in need from another school during her race. Every single one of our runners should feel very proud of the effort they put in on the day (as well as into all of our training).

Meet some of the team!by Caris M and Harper B

“It was so much fun when we won first for Senior girls.” – Genna B (Grade 7W, Senior Girls team)

“All that running was hard, but it paid off when the Senior boys won second.” – Nathan H (Grade 8, Senior Boys team)

“I won second out of the Junior girls, and won a medal! It was so much fun!” – Corinne R (Grade 6, Junior Girls team)

“There was only two of us but we still had fun.” – Micah D (Grade 5, Junior Boys team)

“The whole race we stayed together, but not on purpose, we both just run at the same speed. It was also hard but after we got a lot of candy!” – ‘novice girls’ Caris M and Harper B (Grade 4, Junior Girls team)


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