Community Fun Day Recap

This week at GCCS, they had a Community Fun Day for all students, friends, family, teachers, locals and anyone in the community. It started at 11 and was still busy by the closing time, two o’clock. There was a vendor market in the gym to support local small businesses including: Accessories, candles, jewellery, wood burning, and crochet. All the products at the vendor market were hand made by the people selling them.

There was a blow-up obstacle course and bouncy castle, which all kids (Kindergarten to Grade 8) could use. Shows were put on near the school entrance. Josh McCabe played some music and Bumbling Burt the magician put on an entertaining performance.

The face painting booth was so popular that there was a constant line. People had their faces painted from dragons to robots to butterflies, and even a snow leopard! A food truck came to serve hot food to everyone there at lunch time, but for the whole Fun Day there was free candy floss, popcorn and slushies.

Unicycles rode around the school amazing people for most of the day, while others went and sat in the different vehicles (tractors, diggers and trucks) which you could honk the horns on.

The volunteers and staff did a great job and it was very popular, everyone had a lot of fun. Hope to see you there next time!

Jessie B.

Student Reporter

Pledging to GCCS

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