Community, Food and Chatter: Our Back-to-School BBQ and Meet the Teacher Evening

The skies may have been overcast, but the spirit of our school community shone brighter than ever as families gathered on a slightly cloudy evening for our much-anticipated Back-to-School BBQ and Meet the Teacher event. With chairs and picnic rugs in hand, children buzzing with excitement (and the promise of face painting), it was a delightful evening of connection and celebration.

In our wonderful grounds, parents, students, and teachers convened for an evening that was more than just a back-to-school event; it was a heartwarming sign at a new season had begun. The chatter of families reuniting after summer vacations filled the air as old friendships rekindled and new ones ignited. As everyone settled down on their picnic rugs and unfolded their chairs, and our dedicated Board members prepared to serve our community, the aroma of grilled delights wafted from the BBQ station; burgers and hotdogs sizzled away, with side dishes and desserts (lovingly prepared by our school’s families) adorned tables, ensuring no one left hungry. For our young explorers, the evening held an extra dose of excitement with a face painting extravaganza. Talented Grade 8 students transformed children into butterflies, unicorns, animals, and more. Laughter and giggles echoed as kids marvelled at their new painted personas.

The evening transitioned seamlessly into the “Meet the Teacher” session, where teachers and parents met in their relevant classrooms. Teachers provided insights into the year ahead, the classroom routines, and the exciting subjects that awaited their new students eager minds. It was a glimpse into the educational journey that would unfold in the coming months.

As the evening drew to a close, a sense of contentment hung in the air. The Back-to-School BBQ and Meet the Teacher event had not only marked the beginning of a new academic year but had also rekindled the spirit of our close-knit school community. We departed with hearts warmed by shared meals, laughter, and the promise of a fulfilling year ahead. With the Back-to-School BBQ and Meet the Teacher event now behind us, we are thankful to God for His faithfulness and blessing over a new year ahead filled with growth, exploration, and countless opportunities for connection.


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