African Lion Safari: An End of Year Adventure

It was a double Safari experience for many of our GCCS students before the end of term.

On Friday 16th June students in Grade 1 and the whole of Kindergarten embarked on an unforgettable journey to the African Lion Safari, where they were immersed in the wonders of nature and the incredible animals that inhabit it. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the safari bus that ventured through the park, from where the students eagerly observed God’s amazing creatures up close. The students marvelled at the diverse array of animals they encountered, but it was the mischievous baboons that stole the show with their lively antics, captivating the attention of the students. They were thrilled to witness a playful lion engaging with the game warden’s truck, a truly remarkable sight showcasing the powerful and majestic nature of these magnificent predators. The excitement continued as they embarked on a train ride, spotting snapping turtles, majestic blue herons, and even elephants along the way. The students also enjoyed some well-deserved playground fun, adding an extra element of joy to their adventure. The parrot show proved to be an entertaining highlight, with the students delighted by the parrot’s impressive ability to talk. A boat ride added an extra layer of excitement, allowing the students to explore the surroundings from a different perspective and to observe the mesmerising ring-tailed lemurs in their natural habitat. This trip to the African Lion Safari was a perfect blend of education and excitement, fostering a deep appreciation for wildlife and creating cherished memories as a class.

On Monday 19th June it was the turn of the Grade 3 and 3/2 students to going a journey of discovery and embarked on their own exhilarating adventure to the African Lion Safari, where they were immersed in the wonders of the animal kingdom. The captivating journey provided them with a unique opportunity to witness a diverse array of majestic creatures up close. From the awe-inspiring lions and magnificent elephants to the playful monkeys and colourful birds, students were mesmerised by the rich biodiversity of the safari. The weather, with its warm sunshine and gentle breeze, added to the joy and excitement of the trip, creating the perfect backdrop for their exploration. As they observed and learned about these fascinating animals through the interactive bird and reptile shows,, the students’ curiosity and appreciation for the natural world flourished.

For all students involved, the trip to the African Lion Safari will forever be cherished as a remarkable experience where students connected with nature, broadened their knowledge, and created lasting memories together.

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