A Warm Welcome: New Families Orientation Events at Our School

The beginning of a new school year should be more than just a calendar date. It’s an opportunity to extend our arms and hearts to embrace new families joining our community. That’s why we organised a couple of special New Families Orientation events to help set the tone for a warm and inclusive journey ahead.

Orientation Event 1: Saturday Playground Meetup

On a beautiful Saturday morning our school playground came alive with excitement and anticipation as we hosted the first of our New Families Orientation events – a time filled with play, connection, and familiarisation with our school grounds. It was an opportunity to connect with fellow newcomers, and to learn more about our vibrant community from some  of our Parent Ambassadors who were also able to join us. Meanwhile, students current and new, embarked on their own adventure, exploring the playground equipment, chatting together  and discovering the nooks and crannies of the school yard. Hopefully through this time their sense of belonging began to take root.

Orientation Event 2: Thursday Evening 

A few days later, our second New Families Orientation event took place in the school sports hall. This evening gathering provided a relaxed setting for the principal to share valuable insights  including our school’s core values, educational philosophy, and the importance of active family involvement with our new families. As parents engaged in conversations with the principal and each other, the children revelled in games and outdoor activities under the caring supervision of 4 of our current and past Grade 8 students. The laughter and the sounds of joyful play created a heartwarming backdrop to the evening.

These New Families Orientation events are more than just gatherings; they are the first steps into our school. As we bid farewell to each event, we do so with a sense of excitement and anticipation. We’re excited to see the friendships, connections, and experiences that will unfold in the days and months ahead.

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