In switching our son to GCCS, he wasn’t just having to start at a new school; he was in a new city and new home. However from the moment we stepped into the school, there was a feeling of warmth and welcoming and we knew we had made the right decision.

For the first week of school, my son was paired up with a boy who was in his class. This enabled my son to at least know one person at recess, have someone to play with and not feel so alone. That boy is still one of my son’s best friends to this day. 

The principal at the time (who is now our vice principal) was just incredible. For the first month at being at the school, every Friday she would check in with me; just to see how my son was doing, how I was doing and if we needed anything or had any questions. This gesture really showed that she truly cared for my son and wanted to make sure he was settling in.

My son has been thriving in school ever since and I know it’s because of all the teachers and faculty at the school, investing their time and energy into each student and showing God’s love for them.

Pledging to GCCS

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