What is Kindergarten?

This question gets asked a lot and there are many ways to answer it.

Kindergarten is, for many parents, a moment in the gradual release of your child. A moment of fear for some, and excitement for others. Kindergarten might be the end of paying for daycare. Or the end of full days at home with your child. It might be met with joy or with trepidation.

Whatever you are feeling as you head into the first of your child’s educational journey, it is important to know what Kindergarten really is.

Kindergarten is an opportunity for your child to experience the world through their own eyes. A chance for them to learn through relationships. To learn to play and get along with others. To learn to problem solve and seek answers. To be curious and to explore. Kindergarten is this and so much more. 

During the Kindergarten years, your child will learn more than just academics. They will discover a sense of belonging to a community. They will learn how to take turns in play and in conversations. They will learn how to work in small groups, sharing and building ideas together. They will learn how to show others that they care. They will learn how to express their own thinking and feelings and how to help regulate their emotions. They will learn what it means to be somewhat independent, away from mom and dad’s watchful eye. But they will learn this in a safe environment where they are able to express some freedom and try activities that are new to them with people that are new to them. 

Kindergarten is all of this and yet still so much more. 

Kindergarten is a joy filled place. A place where laughter is abundant, singing dancing is expected, and smiles are freely shared. 

Kindergarten is a place where hearts and minds are open to exploring, trying new things, and experiencing the unexpected.

Kindergarten is a place where children can be children and their potential is unlimited.

Kindergarten is a place where your child will be treasured as who they are.

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