At GCCS we recognize that technology is already a part of our students’ daily lives. In the classroom we view technology as one of many tools in the toolbox for both teachers and students. Our goal is to teach our students to discern when and how to use technology and how to be positive digital citizens as they interact with technology in the different spheres of their lives.

Our school provides a variety of ways for students to engage with technology:

  • Every classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard
  • 2 class sets of Chromebooks on a cart are used daily by Grades 1-8
  • iPads in every classroom, used to enhance instruction or as a learning centre
  • One classroom has a 1:1 ratio of iPads to students as a pilot project to test the effectiveness of this model

Every year in September our students progress through the GCCS Digital Citizenship program that seeks to equip students to be intentional, innovative, and wise with technology. This program is unique among Christian schools in the province.

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